1- Can I speak with somebody over the phone?

We do not provide Customer Service over the phone, however, we offer very knowledgeable and quick e-mail assistance. You can send a message HERE or send a direct e-mail to info@mysilkville.com. We are very proud to be able to help our customers within minutes, up to an hour (if received at 9am-5pm EST). Our Customer Service is able to help you quickly recover a password or provide with the info on shipping and returning items. We can also give you an estimate on when the requested style will be back in stock, desired sizes or how the sizes fit customers with certain measurements.

2- Can I/we visit your physical location in Qatar?

No, MYSILKVILLE is exclusively an online store. We understand that close TOUCH and FEEL would add to the experience, but hey, we would not be able to reach you WHERE EVeR you are if we were just a local solid block and or a  boutique. We will gladly accept returns on brand new items (see full Return Policy) and exchanges requests are fulfilled upon availability. Our awesome Customer Service will answer all your questions in details, whether it comes to sizing issues or gifting decisions. On top of all, shipping is free when it meets all the rules and regulations and will be  delivered to your address.

3- How do I sign up?

It’s very Easy and quick, so you can get to the Lingerie faster!

Just click Login/Register at the top of any page

Next, click Register

Enter your details and then click Submit

That's All! You've created your account and are now ready to shoppe!!!

4- where i can search for the best innerwears?

Mysilkville provides the best innerwear section for the ladies and kids. Please go thru www.mysilkville.com

5- Why My silkville

My silkville provides you large collections of lingeries nightware and inner comfort  wares.